Founder Message

I have a diverse background having started out in the mechanical engineering field as an appliance designer and then taking an interest in plastics materials. I achieved an honours degree in Materials Science and the logical extension of this was to work for an international plastics and chemical organisation in a technical sales, then product management and then marketing management role. During this 20 year period I began seeing the importance of IT and its role in sales and marketing. I became self-taught in the construction and coding of websites and the use of technology to promote businesses. I left the chemical industry to start up a graphic design/multimedia business with a business partner and then this progressed to building a web hosting business in-house to serve the websites we were building. Now, in partnership with Australia’s largest web hosting business I am continuing to design/construct and host websites for government, industrial and corporate clients. I enjoy learning new technologies and following the latest IT trends but more importantly, I love to provide clients with specific solutions to their website needs in a cost-effective and timely manner.

How we work

Responsive Web Solutions is a melting pot of skilled contractors each offering their talents on a project by project basis. This allows us to place the right talent level in the right place for the right project. The team working on a project is hand picked based on the skills they will add to the completion of the project. This is a global strategy and allows us to have workers in multiple countries all focused on their part of the project. We require the contractors to offer a good work ethic, high attention to detail and a trust that they will achieve their tasks in the defined time period. Managing this team is what we do well. They operate invisibly in the background but all help to deliver the required outcomes.