ian_small.jpgI have a diverse background having started out in the mechanical engineering field as an appliance designer and then taking an interest in plastics materials. I achieved an honours degree in Materials Science and the logical extension of this was to work for an international plastics and chemical organisation in a technical sales, then product management and then marketing management role. During this 20 year period I began seeing the importance of IT and its role in sales and marketing. I became self-taught in the construction and coding of websites and the use of technology to promote businesses. I left the chemical industry to start up a graphic design/multimedia business with a business partner and then this progressed to building a web hosting business in-house to serve the websites we were building. Now, in partnership with Australia's largest web hosting business I am continuing to design/construct and host websites for government, industrial and corporate clients. I enjoy learning new technologies and following the latest IT trends but more importantly, I love to provide clients with specific solutions to their website needs in a cost-effective and timely manner.

Ian Johnson

Responsive Web Solutions 

Responsive Web Solutions
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